Download the Official 2019 ATA Tradeshow Mobile App for an Enhanced Show Experience!

You need to log in to the mobile app in order to sync your information from Connect on the ATA 2019 event website.

To log in to the mobile app, use the Password or Badge Id you received in your ATA 2019 email messages.

If you do not have your email available, simply enter your email address and click on "Forgot Password". You will receive an email with your password, as long as you are a registered event participant.

Search for Exhibitors by Company Name

Exhibitors are shown in two lists: “All Exhibitors” and “By Product Category”.  Click on a product category to view a list of the exhibitors in that group. 

The “All Exhibitors” tab lists all the current exhibitors in alphabetical order. The “By Product Category” tab lists the product categories and the number of exhibitors who have selected each of these. 

Search Exhibitors by Keyword

You can search for exhibitors by typing a keyword in the search box at the top of the Exhibitor list screen.  The results will include all exhibitors that have this keyword in their company name, profile, brands or product categories.

Each exhibitor listing has their booth number(s) displayed below their name. An exhibitor listing may have a video icon which indicates that they have uploaded multimedia content. 

Save an Exhibitor to Favorites

From the Exhibitor list or any exhibitor's eBooth profile, you can add the exhibitor as a favorite to your personalized planner by clicking on the star icon.

Exhibitor eBooth Profile

You can visit the eBooth for any company by clicking on their name in the Exhibitor list.  You will see the company’s contact information, description, product categories and videos they have uploaded.  To play the video on your device, just click on the video. From this screen you can add the exhibitor as a favorite to your Personalized Planner by clicking on the star icon. You can also view the location of their booth on the floor plan by clicking on the “Map it” button.  The exhibitor’s booth will be highlighted on the floor plan.


Tap on the Schedule app icon in the app menu dashboard to view the complete list of educational sessions.

You can view the schedule by swiping left and right and scrolling up and down for sessions sorted by day and time.

Search for sessions by keyword using the search bar at the top of screen.


Save a Session

There are two ways you can save a session: 

  • When you see a session title that interests you, tap on the star next to that listing.


  • From the session page, select "Add Session" to save it to your planner.

From the app menu dashboard, select My Planner. From here you can manage the lists of educational sessions, special events and meetings that you have added to My Itinerary.

Saved Educational Sessions, Special Events & Meetings

Click on My Planner to see your schedule by day. This section will include all of your saved educational sessions, special events and meetings that have been added from your mobile app. 

Add Educational Session or Event to Mobile Device's Calendar

Select a session/event from the Schedule screen, click on the star icon to "Add Session" and select "Add" to save the session in your device's calendar.

Add Special Events to Mobile Device's Calendar

Click on the special event you are interested in and then click on star icon next to event title to add it as a favorite.

Add a Personal Meeting

From the My Planner page, tap on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen. Select your desired day and time and add details in Meeting Notes section.

Remove a Saved Session

Tap on the star icon next to the educational session title to remove the listing from your planner.

From the app menu dashboard, select the My Notes app icon. You will see a list of of your session and meeting notes.

To add a note, tap on the pencil icon on the bottom of the screen.

To edit one of your notes, tap on the folder icon on the bottom of the screen to see more details.

To email the notes to yourself or a contact, tap on the arrow in the bottom left corner.

Select the Speakers icon from the menu dashboard. The speakers are listed in alphabetical order, by their last name.

Tap on the speaker's name to view their profile for details on the educational session(s) where they are presenting at the event.

You can also find out the Speaker(s) for a particular educational session by viewing the session's page.

From the app menu dashboard, tap on the Facebook app icon to go to the event's Facebook page or tap on the Twitter app icon to go to the event's Twitter page so that you can easily track their activity.

You can follow a post, reply to a post, retweet a post, and mark a tweet as a favorite - all within the mobile app. 

Hashtag for this event is: #ATA2019

If you have any other questions about this event's mobile app, contact support at a2z. 

  1. Click here or copy + paste this URL in your browser:
  2. Log in using your Password (sent in your welcome email)

To update your online booth profile:

  1. Log in to the Exhibitor Service Center using the password found in your welcome email.
  2. Then select Edit Booth Info.

  3. Fill in your company contact information.
  4. Scroll to the section where you are asked for "Website Url" and enter the web address that you would like attendees to visit for more information about your company.
  5. Select the categories for your products and services.
  6. To add your social media links, scroll to the bottom of the profile form and enter your links in the specified fields. Once these fields are complete the icons for social media outlets will be displayed on your eBooth profile.
  7. Be sure to scroll down and complete all sections. Click on the "Save" button.

Tutorial Video:

You can quickly preview any updates you make to your eBooth profile by navigating to clicking on the computer screen icon beside your booth number in the Exhibitor Service Center. 

In the Exhibitor Service Center, click on Products.

Enter the product name, description, and upload an image.

If you are not able to add products then an eBooth upgrade is required. Visit Purchase Enhanced Booth Listing tab to view your options.

In the Exhibitor Service Center, click on Upload and Manage Videos.

Enter the video name, description, and upload the video file.

If you are not able to add videos then an eBooth upgrade is required. Visit Purchase Enhnaced Booth Listing tab to view your options.

In the Exhibitor Service Center, click on Press Releases.

Enter the press release name and deatils.

If you are not able to add press releases, then an eBooth upgrade is required. Visit Purchase Enhanced Booth Listing tab to view your options.

In the Exhibitor Service Center, click on Show Specials.

Enter the press release name and deatils.

If you are not able to add press releases, then an eBooth upgrade is required. Visit Purchase Enhanced Booth Listing tab to view your options.

If you have any other questions about the 2019 ATA Exhibitor Service Center, please contact a2z Technical Support.

To log in, click on the Login link in your welcome email or go here:

Enter your email address and Password in the appropriate fields.

You can search for Exhibitors on the Interactive Event Map page or the Exhibitor List page.

To perform a more extensive search, go to the Advanced Search page. Search for exhibitors by keyword, product category, country and state.

The My Exhibitors list contains the names of all the exhibitors you have tagged as favorites.

You can add an exhibitor as a favorite from any of your exhibitor lists by clicking on the star icon next to their company name. Your list of favorites can be found under the My Exhibitors tab.

Visit the Product Showcase and click on the search box at the top to search by keyword, category or subcategory.
Visit the Exhibitor Video Gallery and search by keyword or exhibitor name.
Visit the Show Specials page to see what speical events exhibitors are planning in their booths. 
Visit the exhibitor Press Release gallery to read the latest press releases posted by exhibitors.
If you have any technical questions about the 2019 ATA Trade Show attendee portal, please contact support.

The Booth Promotion Widget enables you to highlight your participation at ATA 2019 Trade Show with minimal effort. The widget is completely dynamic. All you have to do is log in to your exhibitor console, grab the widget code and embed it in your website.

Once embedded, the widget enables your website visitors to:

  • Add you as favorite exhibitor in their Expo Plan with a single click, and without leaving your website. Attendees typically print out their Expo Plan and use it as a check list for planning their time on the show floor. Putting the Booth Promotion Widget on your website will help you boost the number of times you are added as a favorite exhibitor by attendees.
  • View your Online Booth listing and enhanced content on the event website. Adding a detailed profile description and enhanced content such as products, show specials and press releases to your listing helps enhance your visibility amongst attendees. The widget helps drive traffic to your profile on the website and the interactive event map.
  • Register for the event from your website. Make it easier for your customers to register for the event by way of the promotion widget. In turn, increase your ROI from the event by meeting them face to face at the event.

In short, the widget enables you to engage your prospects and helps you build a pre-show lead list!

Your Booth Promotion Widget comes bundled with a powerful dashboard that helps you monitor and evaluate your ROI from the widget.

Login and click on the 'Booth Promotion Dashboard' in the website navigation to view the following: 

Total number of visitors who added you to their expo plan
This is the total number of times you show up in attendees' expo plan as a favorite exhibitor.

Known visitors who added you to their expo plan
These are visitors who logged in to the event website with their credentials before adding you as a favorite.

Anonymous visitors who added you to their expo plan
These are visitors who added you as a favorite without logging in.

Visitors who added you to their expo plan using the widget on your website
This is the number of times visitors clicked on the 'Add to My Expo Plan' button on the widget to add you as a favorite exhibitor.

We recommend displaying the widget on your home page, as well as on all pages popular with your customers. You would also want to ensure that the widget is displayed prominently above the fold (i.e. in the top section of the website, just below the masthead), so that visitors can view it without having to scroll.
Log in to your Exhibitor Service Center and click on the eBooth Promotion Widget button. 

No, the Booth Promotion Widget is available for FREE to all exhibitors.  

Please click here to contact a support team member at a2z, Inc. - our technical partner. To help us serve you better, please provide some details about the issue you are reporting.