Lil Bow Peep, LLC  

Medina,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: N20, 352

Lil Bow Peep would like to welcome and present OMEGA.

MISSION:Our aim is to provide to the shooting and hunting public, a sight for all seasons. One that can range the target, provide a video of  that targetet object and shoot the impossible shots. Can be used on any shooting device.  We welcome all to try and believe what this amazing sight/rangefinder can do. see us in Booth #352  and shooting lane #20 at the one and only ATA SHOW:::::

FOR THE PRESS: We at Lil Bow Peep would like to introduce the future in sight Acquisition. We call it OMEGA. The Newest and most innovative sight on the market. We have integrated a Rangefinder with camera lens which projects the targeted Image onto an LCD screen for viewing the targeted object. To this, add a an adjustable MilDot Reticle and there within you have the most fantastic sight to emerge on the shooting scene since Redfield gave us the scope, from which derived the quote "A weapon is only as accurate as its sight". Conventional aiming is literally (out the window). Fits any shooting device which will accept a scope, ie: Comnpound Bow, Cross Bow, Shotgun, Blackpowder, Rifle and yes even a Pistol. Expect to hit the Bullseye from any position. Add now video capabilities. Nothing else needed but a target.

Brands: Omega, the only sight which can be used on anything that shoots. Expect to hit the bullseye from any angle. Shoot short or long distances, Only way to believe what this sight will do is to SHOOT one

 Show Specials

  • (Sep 21, 2018)

    Come to booth # 352 and or shooting lane # N20 and sign up for a free drawing to receive a free Ranging/sight and at the same time sitness the impossible. Shoot a compound Bow from the hip and hit the Bulls Eye.

    Will also be taking orders for our sight at a reduced rate.

    Mickey, Lenny and John

 Press Releases

  • (Sep 21, 2018)

    We at Lil Bow Peep would like to introduce the future in sight acquisition. We call it OMEGA or (the last) sight you will ever need. This sight integrates all of the necessities of ranging, videoing and shooting into one unit. We have grouped together a Range Finder and Camera Lens which projects image of taret onto an LCD Screen and there within we have a superimposed adjustable MilDot Reticle for aiming purposes. This is the ultimate in rangefinding sights. Can be used on Compound and Cross Bows, Blackpowder weapons, Shotguns, Rifles and yes even Pistols. Conventional aiming is out the window and first time users can expect to hit the Bulls Eye.  FANTASTIC, INCREDIABLE, UNBELIEVABLE and many more verbs can't describe this product.

    See us at Booth # 352 or Shooting Lane # N20 for dimenstration and hands on use of this FABULOUS  SIGHT.

    Mickey, Lenny and John


  • OMEGA BY Lil Bow Peep
    The most amazing sight to hit the market since the scope. Can be used on any shooting instrument. Compound Bow, Cross Bow, Black powder, Shotgun, rifles and Pistols. Shoot from any angle and position....

  • We have designed the most fabulous aiming device since Redfield gave us the Scope. One instrument that does everything wanted or needed on a shooting device, ie: Compound and Cross Bow, Rifles, Shotguns, Blackpowder and yes Pistols. Anchor your shooting hand on your hip and expect to hit the Bulls Eye. We have intragrated a rangefinder with a camera lens which projects image onto an LCD screen and there a superimposed adjustable MilDot Reticle will direct you to the target. You only have one aiming point which is within the LCD screen. The hunters in this great Gun Toting country have been asking for this do everything device for years. If you really want to see it in action, come to Booth #352 and Shooting Lane #20 for an explination and an on hands shooting experience. Did we honestly forget, do your own video from your angle, not the Videographer.

    See you at the show: Mickey, Lenny and John.

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