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When applied to an arrow or crossbow bolt shaft, Gutcheck Indicator wraps provide instant verification of the type of "hit" an arrow or bolt has made on an animal.  The patented indicator including specially formulated ink that instantly changes color to confirm that the arrow or bolt has penetrated the acid-containing digestive tract of an animal, thereby indicating that the animal has been gutshot.  Gutcheck Indicator wraps will not affect the flight of an arrow or bolt and are highly reflective to assist in locating the arrow or bolt.  Our patented indicator wipes may be carried on the pack of the hunter and simply wiped along the shaft of the arrow or bolt to instantly detect the presence of digestive fluids.  Using Gutcheck Indicators, you can Be Dead Sure!

ScentRelief is a revolutionary new patent-pending scent product line that has been co-developed by Don Bell, the founder of Code Blue and Top Secret deer scents.  ScentRelief converts human urine into a revolutionary attractant.  Mr. Bell says "This changes everything!"  

CWD-Free is our proprietary line of urine-based attractants that are 50-States legal, guaranteed and CWD-Free!  Don't settle for a synthetic!

Brands: Gutcheck Indicators (Be Dead Sure!), ScentRelief (Problem Solved!), and our new attractant line called CWD-Free!

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